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Simply Video Hire Club Program

I have been tasked with developing a program for a video hire (e.g. small time Blockbuster) company to aid them with managing their members and stock electronically.

The below download link is an .exe file compressed into a .zip folder, there may be issues downloading with any anti virus / company computer policies. If you have issues let me know.

Once downloaded you must extract the file from within the compressed folder.

Requirements: Windows OS, administrator ability / able to install programs.

Bear in mind the program is still being worked on and this demo is to gain initial user feedback as part of my documentation

Please download this word document and use it to guide you within the system fill it out and return to
Download system link: click here or right click save as

The Login Credentials for the app once downloaded are Login: Manager and Password: manager

Windows 10 Download Instructions

When you press the download link above you'll be asked if you want to open or save

Either will do, selecting open will result in this window:

Click Extract all and save the files to desktop or drag the files from the .zip folder to your desktop as running it from the compressed folder will result in problems. Double click the file to open the app

Click More Info

Click Run Anyway